PD I certification series - Session 2: Process Automation and Logic – Part I

Jun 14, 2020, 8:00 – 9:59 AM

Are you preparing for PD I certification or wanted to learn Apex concepts? We are here to make your preparation easier; join our virtual online series where we will be covering all the topics in 5 different sessions of approx 2 hours each. This is second session of the series on Process Automation

About this event

Last year #AmsterdamWIT has organized a session on Apex fundamentals and have received great response with suggestion to continue it further and more detailed. We had planned in the year beginning to run a whole day classroom session a cover PD I course but because of OCVID19 situation we have to postpone it.

And now we are here again with the same concept but online in 5 different sessions along with #DecodeSFCertifications group. This is second session of the series on Process Automation.

Please RSVP and get benefited from the experts


  • Arpit Vijayvergiya

    TechMatrix Consulting

    Delivery Manager

Group Leaders

  • Bhavna Banodha


    Community Group Leader

  • Nubia Ramos

    Community Group Leader

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