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Salesforce Marketer Group (Pardot), Twin Cities, United States

This group is for B2B marketers (and Pardot users) to get together and discuss sales enablement, trends in B2B marketing, lead scoring and nurturing, ABM, ROI reporting, Salesforce technology changes and more.

We have meetings every other month covering both Salesforce technology (AI Deep Dive or New Release Updates) and B2B marketing topics (Improving Email Deliverability, Elevate Your A/B Testing or How B2B Marketers are Using Artificial Intelligence).

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Upcoming events

Jun 8, 2023

Virtual Joint Meeting

Master The Lead Source Field

The Lead Source field is crucial for marketing reporting, but Pardot and Salesforce sometimes disagree on the data. Learn how to master that pesky Lead Source field between Pardot & Salesforce. Triana Jarman and Ollie Dodd from MarCloud Consulting in the UK will lead this virtual session to help you understand best practices Lead Source.

Past events

Virtual Event

Automating Campaign Management

Virtual Event

First-Party Tracking and What You Need To Do

Virtual Event

Understanding the Account Engagement (Pardot) Opt Out Field Sync Changes

Virtual Event

Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce Working Together

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