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Salesforce Developer Group, Kitchener, Canada

Hello and welcome to our Trailblazer Community Group! We’re a group for all developers, admins, trailblazers seeking knowledge in Salesforce platform. We welcome experts, new developers, new admins as well as students to the Salesforce platform who want to learn how to build apps and integrate other cloud platforms with Salesforce. Sounds awesome, right!! Here we will talk all about Salesforce, have workshops, discuss concerns, and also get some cool swag and other exclusives from Salesforce! If you've got something specific that you're interested in or want to share, give a shout. It's how the group will grow and be useful to the members going forward. We look forward to meeting you and having tons of fun as we succeed together. Check out our upcoming meetings below and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Past events

Virtual Event

From Admin to Certified Technical Architect with special guest Johann Furmann

Virtual Event

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Virtual Event

DevOps 101

Virtual Event

Learn how Source Tracking can keep metadata changes in sync between your local project workspace and the SalesforceOrg

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