Salesforce Technical Architect Series

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We're excited to announce our virtual Architect series with super special guest event definitely not to be missed!

Day 1: Monday, April 20th @ 3:30pm PST

The Role of Architects 

Steven Herod will be the honored guest for our first Architect Series that will be hosted virtually next week, April 20-23rd.

Steven is a Certified Technical Architect and Managing Director at Accenture where he is responsible for Australia and New Zealand Business Groups.

He will be sharing some variances between being a developer and an architect and some of the roles that architects play in creating successful applications and strategies used to get across the finish line.

Day 2: Tuesday, April 21st 3:30pm PST

Tackle your everyday business problems like an Architect

What does it take to problem solve like an architect? There are many skills that you can bring into your day-to-day job as an admin or developer in order to help you put on your “architect hat”. Go beyond just solving the problem at hand and expand your thinking to take into consideration the bigger picture applying common architect skills used to solve business problems. We will cover some of these skills and show you how to apply pieces of the pyramid to common business scenarios so that you, too, can problem solve like an architect.

Presented by Melissa Shepard, President & CEO LizzardTech Consulting

Day 3: Wednesday, April 22nd @ 3:30pm PST

How Do Architects Embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution

Embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution requires a mindset change within the organization - and Architects are at the forefront of steering the technologies that enable that change. This session will help you learn about how you can embrace this challenge.  

Presented by Thomas Cozzolino, Senior Director Market Strategy at Salesforce

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