Learn how to create your first Community page

Salesforce Women in Tech Group, Trichy, India
Wed, Jun 9, 2021, 4:00 PM (IST)

About this event

Who can attend?
Anyone who wants to learn about community/Experience. If you have basic knowledge of salesforce lightning component, it is good.
we would like to share our knowledge about "Creating Community Page by point and Click" where we explain what a community in salesforce is and how it works.

For Demo, we'll create a public community page and place a form where users can fill in their details. This form will be saved as a record in the salesforce.

Win Swag/ 200$/400$ voucher by completing the below challenge

Design community site for women in tech group, Trichy. These are the acceptance criteria.

AC1: Admin able to scroll the news and able to read it more details when view more button is clicked in the news page

AC2: Speakers able to submit the registration form by entering their personal info. Able to download the trailblazer community template and upload their PPT and Dry Run Video.

AC3: Admin able to view all the submitted details by the speaker in salesforce as a record

AC4: Public users able to see about the group, group leader, latest event, social media link in the home page.

AC5: Public users able to submit their ideas/Feedback. While submitting the feedback, user able to select the event and submit it.


Group Leader

  • Bavadharani Ganesan

    Bavadharani Ganesan


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