📧Straightforward Email Integration:Match My Email vs. Einstein Activity Capture

Salesforce Developer Group, Austin, United States
Thu, Apr 29, 6:00 PM (CDT)

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Somehow email integration with Salesforce has become an elaborate matrix of options. Salesforce Enthusiasts can easily pour hours into researching the varying products in this competitive marketplace. On the one hand, the emphasis on email makes sense. Email communication is central to business activity, so it’s reasonable for there to be so many solutions aiming to deliver perfect email and CRM harmony. On the other hand, how complicated does it really need to be?

This discussion will assess how two non-mailbox, sync & stream/capture email tools compare: Match My Email vs. Einstein Activity Capture.

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  • Samuel Broda

    Samuel Broda

    Match My Email

    VP of Sales and Marketing

    Sam Broda is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Match My Email, an ISV partner on Salesforce’s AppExchange. Match My Email has been listed on the AppExchange for over ten years and specializes in email and calendar integration for Salesforce.

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  • When

    Thursday, Apr 29
    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CDT)

    Group Leaders

  • Melissa Shook

    Melissa Shook

    EZ Texting


  • Lindsey Fivecoat

    Lindsey Fivecoat

    Silicon Labs


  • Justin Lisbon

    Justin Lisbon


  • Nadina Lisbon

    Nadina Lisbon



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