Recharge Your Salesforce Career with These Awesome Admin Stories

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Career Corner
          * Looking to hire a new Salesforce professional for your team?
          * Looking for a new Salesforce job?

 Unlock Salesforce Features to Improve Sales & Marketing Efficiency:
          * Tracking Marketing Events (Tradeshows, Webinars, Conferences, Networking Events)
          * Calling Campaigns
          * Marketing/Advertising Initiatives (Display ads, Commercials, Web advertising, Promotions)
          * Blogging Efforts

 Awesome Admin Stories
          * How did you get introduced to the Salesforce platform?
                    * What were you doing BEFORE Salesforce?
                    * What are you doing TODAY?
          * How did you develop Salesforce expertise?
                    * WHO did you turn to?
                    * What RESOURCES did you leverage?
          * How do you stay current in your Salesforce expertise?
          * Where do you turn for ongoing Salesforce help when stumped?


 User Group Therapy: Answering community questions regarding...
          * Managing Prospects & Customers
          * Pipeline Management
          * Campaign Management
          * Case Management
          * Reports & Dashboards
          * Training End Users
          * Handling multiple requests, enhancements Salesforce-related projects

          * Enabling new features

          * Selecting apps from the AppExchange



          * How to Be Relevant to Your Customers Using Intelligent Search



Tuesday, Aug 15
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EDT)


OwnBackup (Fort Lee, NJ)
400 Kelby Street, 19th Floor Fort Lee07024

Group Leaders

  • David Giller

    David Giller


    Group Leader

  • Michael Lupino

    Michael Lupino



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