Share Chatter Files to Multiple Records via List View Mass Action

About this event

Mark your calendars, the next Developer Group Meetup will be January 19th hosted at Ramsey Solutions Conference Center.


Doug Ayers will demo and walkthrough the code for his Lightning Component that lets users choose one or more records from a List View then attach or upload one or more files to those records in one step. The project was inspired by Christine Miller, a Principal Success Manager at Salesforce, who had this use case with a customer.

Topics Covered 

• Lightning Components

• Lightning Out in Visualforce

• Chatter REST API to Upload Files

• List View Buttons

Circles of Success

There's been an interest in using some of our time to learn from each other in a more structured time beyond just the "eating and networking" time at the start of each meetup. Come with your questions about where you're struggling with Apex, Visualforce, Lightning Components, or how to design a particular solution and hear from others how they are tackling similar challenges.



Let us know what you want to learn about and if you're interested in presenting at a future meetup. Contact me via or the Success Community.



Thursday, Jan 19
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (CST)


Ramsey Solutions Conference Center
7104 Crossroads Blvd., Suite 105 FranklinUS

Group Leaders

  • Mark Morrison

    Mark Morrison

    Jackson National

    Senior Salesforce Developer

  • Chris Kelley

    Chris Kelley

    Ramsey Solutions

    Sr. CRM Solution Architect

  • Lydon Bergin

    Lydon Bergin



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