Lightning Connect & External Data Integrations

About this event

Salesforce is a great platform for breaking silos of data and improving collaboration within a company. However, there are times when not all of your company's data resides in Salesforce and is still siloed, such as data in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, HR systems, ordering systems, etc.

The traditional approach to solve this problem has been to copy the data into Salesforce with data loaders or ETL tools, which can be redundant and inefficient.

Fear not! There are new and exciting ways to enable your users to view and search records stored outside of Salesforce.

Join us as guest speakers Greg Stasko of Progress Software, and Paul Cleckner and John Nelson from Skuid demo how they are leveraging Lightning Connect and web services to provide real-time access to external data to their users!

This is not a "sales pitch" event but will be a fun and educational meetup for Developers and Administrators looking to solve real-time integration with Salesforce.

Progress Salesforce Connectors

Skuid App

"Working with all of your enterprise data doesn't get any easier than this. With Skuid, point and click to push and pull data from any Rest API or OData endpoint with Skuid Models. You can access Sharepoint, Oracle, SQL Server, even LinkedIn or Google data. Join us to see a few working/live options."


Tuesday, Nov 10
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (CST)


The Lamp Group / Ramsey Solutions
113 Seaboard Lane, Suite C100 BrentwoodUS

Group Leaders

  • Mark Morrison

    Mark Morrison

    Jackson National

    Senior Salesforce Developer

  • Chris Kelley

    Chris Kelley

    Ramsey Solutions

    Sr. CRM Solution Architect

  • Lydon Bergin

    Lydon Bergin



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