GDPR, are you STILL in compliance? with Guest Speaker Charlotte LaViolette

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GDPR, are you STILL in compliance? with Guest Speaker Charlotte LaViolette

Are you covered for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance within your Salesforce and Marketing Automation platform? Do you know the requirements? Or even how to go about being compliant within your Salesforce or Marketing Automation platform?

In this presentation, we will review what we as the platform overlords need to be aware of, compliance for communication and privacy, GDPR impact, and what needs to be tracked within the system. GDPR is no joke, with the penalties being high we need to make sure our data is within compliance and our Marketing Teams are compliant as well.

Additional Directions:  The building is one-story and sits adjacent to the Nordstrom parking garage and the office is next to Accruent.  You can park in front of the one-story building if any is available.  The front door faces towards Burnet Rd.

**Speaker Disclaimer: As I am not a legal expert, I will be advising you to check in with your compliance and legal team to get their advice and requirements. The information I’m giving is based on what experts in the field are conveying, my own research and what I’ve experienced with clients.** 



Thursday, Aug 22
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (CDT)


ESO Solutions
11500 Alterra Pkwy Ste. 100 Austin78758

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