"Lessons on Surviving Difficult Projects" with Susan Price

Salesforce Women in Tech Group, Auckland, New Zealand
Wed, Oct 30, 2019, 12:00 PM (NZDT)

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About this event

"Lessons on Surviving Difficult Projects: A Talk in Which we do not Compare People with Horses"

From Susan Price, Head of Salesforce Consulting at Trineo:

"This talk will be sharing my experience working in a difficult team and how I got perspective. I’d like to say how I stayed sane - but I don’t want to oversell it.

Come for the catering, but stay because it is too awkward to leave once the talking has started."

This talk won’t include:

  • Leadership styles for difficult team members
  • Transforming a dysfunctional, non-performing team
  • And we definitely won’t be using horses as a metaphor for people... because that would be ridiculous.

ALL are welcome. Please RSVP to the event to get added to the catering count. All food will be plant-based with gluten-free options.

Please update your RSVP or contact Alisa (below) if you know you can't attend after RSVPing.

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  • Susan Price

    Susan Price


    Head of Salesforce Consulting

    Born in New Zealand, Susan travelled to Japan after uni where she discovered her ambivalence for teaching and her love of the order of databases. After a stint in Canada and NZ, she found herself in the UK in 2005 where she first started working with Salesforce. She spent time in London consultancies working primarily in the financial sector.

    Susan came back to New Zealand heavily pre...

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  • When

    Wednesday, Oct 30
    12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (NZDT)


    Deloitte Centre (Level 18)
    80 Queen St Auckland1010

    Group Leader

  • Alisa Edwards

    Alisa Edwards



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