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For Bellingham, WA and surrounding areas. 

Meet with local Salesforce Admins using NPSP to hone your skills and share best practices. Based loosely on Stephanie Herrera's idea for Salesforce Saturdays, join us for lunch and geek out on all things Salesforce and nonprofit related. These meetings will provide a place for networking, shared learning opportunities, lessons learned in the field, and all-around general Salesforce geekery.

Anyone who administers Salesforce for their nonprofit is welcome to join us. There is no membership fee or commitment, you can attend meetings as frequently as you wish. We are all nonprofit Salesforce admins (accidental, intentional, certified & not). We currently meet monthly for lunch with location TBD each time. Ask to join our group page on the HUB for more information and to get involved: https://powerofus.force.com/s/group/0F9800000008j5M/bellingham-nonprofit-admin-meetup. 

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